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Juniper Tangpuz at Maker Faire Kansas City


Uniquely Kansas City


6 News Lawrence


Museum Without Walls

Road to Maus


Blue Springs Public Art

Consumed: Artist Interview


Juniper Tangpuz & Justin Marable


Website Articles

Hlavacek, Joanna, "'Chitty Chitty Bang Bang' to open at Lawrence Arts Center this weekend",


Guthrie, Dylan, "Multi-lingual University grad Juniper Tangpuz creates art to bridge barriers"


Coble-Krings, Lisa, "Story of Human Consumption Told by Justin Marable and Juniper Tangpuz"


Kraft, Caleb "Juniper's Pop Up World"


"Jurassic Art" By Tim Horan, Salina Journal


"The Unusual Dreams of Juniper & T.J. Tangpuz" By Laura Spencer


WEB EXTRA: Artist Juniper Tangpuz on Play By Laura Spencer


Video of Juniper Tangpuz demonstrating proper scissor technique


Paper Products for the People: Eric Farnsworth and T.J. Tangpuz by Sarah Henning


Breaking Unspoken Rule by David Weiner


Finding Our Cardboard Totem Animals: Everyday Magic, Days 287-88 by Caryn Mirriam-Goldberg


A model metropolis By Joe Miller


The Supernatural Museum of Creativity by Peter Lloyd


Bulding a house of paper by Aaron Passman


2013—Consumed: Justin Marable & Juniper Tangpuz


Artist to display paper cuts BY NEIL MULKA





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